Analyze, Act & Automate
without developer help.

DashX gives nocode powers to existing apps.

Edit in-app content, export user data & automate notifications WITHOUT developer help

Edit In-App Content

No need to depend on developers to make changes in content on your website or mobile app. DashX separates the content from the code so that product teams can edit copy and push changes in record time.

View Analytics & Send Notifications

Export user analytics from your mobile app whenever you want. Use this data to understand customers & automate notifications to increase engagement. No need to use developer resources for data analytics & marketing communications anymore!
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Personalized OnboardingPersonalized Dashboard

Empower your entire team, save developer time

With DashX's single unified platform & API, you get out-of-the-box features and UI components. Plus, our easy-to-use interface helps even non-technical members of the team manage the product without developer help.